The Mot Mot is one of the most interesting birds we have that frequent this area. I often see them year round as well. Many are to be seen near La Boca or the Biological trails located in the L section.  I live in the L section and I sometimes see half a dozen a day if I am outside looking for them. They are easy to spot as they have beautiful colors and a long tail.  The tail-feathers of mot-mots are extremely elongated. These are probably used to give some sort of social signal to others of their kind. They are unique in design. If you are interested in seeing these birds along with many other species of animals be sure to visit one  of the biological trails and take a camera with a good zoom. Best time is early morning when the sunset starts to shine. They remain very still so odds are you may be next to one and never know it unless you are looking.


One of the most frequent questions we are asked is if we offer any rentals with ocean views or ocean front. The answer in short is “no”. While we have places with private trails located 200 meters from the shoreline, we do not offer anything directly located on the beach and this is why; In 1977, Costa Rica passed the Maritime Zone Law, which established property ownership rights for beachfront property in Costa Rica. Under the Costa Rica Constitution, the initial fifty meters (200 meters in Nosara) going inland from the high-tide line on beachfront properties, as established by the Costa Rica National Geographic Institute, has always been reserved for public use and enjoyment. This is an inalienable right of enjoyment, which is unlikely to change in the future.There are however places that reside directly on the beach that were built prior to the law, as seen in the photo above of the old hotel Nosara.



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